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Financial Report as of September 30, 2012: Bayer on track for a successful 2012

News of the third quarter 2012

Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit sind Kern der Bayer-Mission


Investment program to fuel further growth
Bayer CropScience has a robust strategy in place and is geared for continued strong growth over the mid-term, said Bayer CropScience CEO Sandra Peterson, speaking at the company’s annual press conference.
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Key Data

Bayer Group
Read more about net sales, EBITDA, EBIT, net income, cash flow, non-operating result, number of employees.
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Bayer Stock

Investor Information
The positive development of Bayer stock in the first half of 2012 gained momentum in the third quarter, with the company’s shares considerably outperforming the DAX and EURO STOXX 50 indices.
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Management Report

Overview of Sales, Earnings and Financial Position
Sales of the Bayer Group advanced by 5.5% (Fx & portfolio adj.) in the third quarter of 2012 to
€9,665 million (reported: +11.5%; Q3 2011: €8,670 million).
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Financial Statements

Bayer Group Consolidated Income Statements
Read more about net sales, EBIT and non-operating result.
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Last updated: October 30, 2012

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